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Cooking Classes & Other Fun Programs

Migliore Gourmet Foods in Riverside, California, also offers a variety of classes for our customers to take part in. From cooking demonstrations to an educational course on olive oil, our classes give customers the chance to learn and try new things, as well as have fun with others.

Cooking Demonstrations

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Chef Robert

Robert Baradaran is an award-winning chef who has shared his love of outstanding cuisine with chefs and students in this country.  Robert has always been captivated by food. At an early age, he learned to appreciate cross-cultural cuisines and diverse flavors. Born and raised in Iran, his family table often featured meals that showcased his parents’ flare in food.

So, it was no surprise that at age 15, Robert pursued a culinary career at his uncle’s restaurant in St. Louis, Mo.  He held various positions in the industry before enrolling in Forest Park College Culinary Arts program. Further complementing his formal education, Robert apprenticed at a myriad of popular restaurants and hotels, including Harrah’s Casino, Tony’s Restaurant and Café de France.  Continuing his journey, Robert was ready his biggest challenge. Having mastered a host of cuisines, he wanted to execute his experience and techniques by opening Key West Grill and Bistro in the historic part of St. Charles, Mo.  With Robert’s inventive approach, the menu drew in droves of patrons and the restaurant became a hotspot known for its high-end cuisine.

After a move to California in 2001, he taught at the Los Angeles Community College District for many years before he accepted the position as a chef instructor at Riverside City College Culinary Academy in 2004.

Chef Robert has been a proud member of the American Culinary Federation for over 30 years.  He is a Certified Executive Chef and a Certified Culinary Educator. Chef Robert has a Masters of Art Degree in Education and Vocational Studies from California State University, Long Beach. Chef Baradaran says “I always had a deep passion for food and a deeper love for teaching and educating the younger generation of chefs in our country”.

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Chef Christian

Motivated and inspired through out his life around the kitchen at home, Chef Christian Quiroz knew from a young age that the sizzle and the crackle that came from his mothers stove top was music to his ears. Not only does his mother's food sound like a prominent symphony orchestra, her food creates memories that last a lifetime. That's exactly what Chef Christian Quiroz wanted to pursue.

In 2007, He graduated from Riverside, Ca Culinary art school. The time and passion that can go into making a simple dish never left his heart and mind. "From hand made tortillas, pinto beans in the crock pot, to braised veal on a bed of smoked gouda risotto with bone marrow with sautéed spinach and shiitake mushrooms, I always use the best ingredients my mentors used, my mother and my senior Chef instructor Chef Robert Baradaran, love. Its the best ingredient any chef or an everyday cook can use behind the fire."

He now runs his own catering business on the weekends where his passion and love for cooking still burns.

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Desiree's Art Parties

Paint a beautiful painting to display in your home or office at one of our art parties. Paint supplies and dinner will be provided. You may bring your own adult beverage. Reach out to us by phone or email to purchase seats.

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Olive Oil 101 - Tasting Event

Book a group event at our store and learn about the many health benefits of olive oil. Between 6-20 people can join. A date will be selected based on our mutual availability. We will provide water flavored with one of our balsamic vinegars, plus additional foods prepared with our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, seasonings, and jams. You may bring your own drinks during after-hours.

Building Interior

Staff will be available for olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings. For additional information or to schedule an event, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Daytime Tasting Event - $15.00 per Person
Evening/Night Event - $20.00 per Person


» Learn to Taste Like a Pro » Supplier Background
» Olive Oil 101 (Harvest, Process, Testing, & Best Practices) » Tasting & Discussion

*Each person will be given a 60 ml bottle of his or her choice.

Gift Basket Design                                   

Learn how to build your own gift basket! Simply pick a base, place and secure the gift items, finish with shred material, and then wrap with cellophane and a bow. The class lasts for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

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